The U.S. Space Force protects our country and the freedom to operate in space, keeping it secure, stable and accessible for military space power and new waves of innovation.
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We’re recruiting the brightest minds across technology, engineering and aerospace to fulfill our mission and evolve our operations across the globe.

U.S Space Force Satellite orbiting earth in space.

The U.S. Space Force Secures Our Nation's Interests in Space

Channel your inner Guardian and join the only force that secures our nation’s interests in, from, and to space.

United States Space Force

The future is where we'll make history

As space becomes more contested, it's essential we always stay steps ahead.

Our Capabilities

Space now defines our daily lives and the modern way of war.

From GPS to military operations and satellite protection, we defend the ultimate high ground.

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Our Symbol

First used in 1961, the delta symbol honors the heritage of the U.S. Air Force and Space Command.

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Explore a world of firsts.

While the Space Force was officially formed in 2019, its roots go back decades.

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