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Connecting everything from cellphones to traffic signals, communication satellites play an integral role in our daily lives. Through space tech and ground tactics, we ensure each satellite is secure from intrusion—such as space debris and other external threats—through comprehensive cyber operations and space-domain awareness.
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If I’m the adversary, the first thing I’m going to do is try and knock out GPS in order to blind us.  ”
Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), Air and Space Force Sciences
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Space Domain
As the first branch dedicated to space, constant innovation is a must.
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Whether it’s aiding a country hit by a natural disaster, or integrating into a military operation, we coordinate across all domains and hostile environments to ensure communication is seamless between all branches. This includes the use of GPS and radar-enhanced systems to track and guide aircraft, ground vehicles and missiles.
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    Military operations
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    We deter global threats with ground- and space-based systems to monitor missile launches and coordinate mission objectives across the globe.

The intent was to consolidate (and) increase our operational capability; increase our readiness and do so in a more efficient manner. ”
Gen John W. Raymond, Former Chief of Space Operations
Whether it's cell phones, GPS or guided missiles, space is where it all connects.
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We facilitate commercial launches across the Department of Defense (DoD) from initial development to final execution. Crews on the ground construct and program rockets to meet requirements, while our global satellite operators track environmental factors to ensure launches are safe and seamlessly successful.
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    Meteorological Forecasting
    Computer Systems Engineer

    Guardians forecast atmospheric conditions to properly direct and optimize launching operations.

It takes a dedicated and highly-skilled industry and government team to ensure a successful launch for this one-of-a-kind national asset. ”
Col Robert Bongiovi, Director of Space and Missile Systems Center’s, Launch Enterprise

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