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Buckley Space Force Base is headquarters to the 460th Space Wing (SW), a critical link in our nation’s network of space-based missile warning and infrared detection satellite operations. This wing provides commanders with global missile warning, situational awareness and warfighter needs for the U.S. Air Force and cross-service organizations and supports over 80 partners both on and off base.


Aurora, Colorado


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Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado

The Aerospace Data Facility - Colorado is a satellite ground station operated by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Its personnel are responsible for providing the command and control of reconnaissance satellites to collect and distribute i ntelligence to the Department of Defense.

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The Buckley SFB Radomes are large domes used to protect various satellite network intelligence and tracking equipment. They’re located within the Aerospace Data Facility - Colorado and 2nd Space Warning Squadron (ADF-C and 2 SWS) complexes, where data is col lected to detect threats, and report that information to our country and allied nations.