Our defense relies on cybersecurity across a multitude of advanced computers and softwares. Military satellites, missile guidance and ground combat — it’s all connected and must be secured from every angle possible. It’s our Cyber Operations specialist’s job to protect our cyber operations across four key specialties: defense, radio frequency and satellite communications, systems, and networks. They assess and report vulnerabilities, repair and install client systems, and protect our network infrastructure to ensure missions and communications run efficiently.

Career Categories




Career Duties

  • Install ground radio, satellite and telemetry communication systems
  • Support specialized utility programs to collect systems and network data
  • Conduct and support cyber mission planning, briefing, execution and debriefing
  • Assess, report and deter threats to space assets
  • Troubleshoot, repair and deploy ground level and orbital networks and devices to support warfighter
  • Troubleshoot, install and upgrade network systems and circuits
  • Deter threats to space assets by way of defensive cyber operations
  • Perform wireless radio and satellite systems and equipment maintenance


Minimum Education

  • High school diploma, GED or GED with 15 college credits
  • Courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are desirable. An associate’s degree or higher in relevant fields and/or information technology (IT) certifications are also beneficial.
  • ASVAB requirements: general minimum score of 60–64 based on specialty


  • Completion of Cyber Systems Operations Initial Skills course
  • Completion of a current National Agency Check with Local Agency Checks and Credit Check
  • Successful completion of a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)
  • Completion of Basic Military Training
  • Must be between the ages of 17 and 42

Training & Education

How do we transform you from a raw recruit to an expert Guardian in this field? From hands-on experience to college credit toward a degree, the path begins here.

Status Upon Completion

Based on specialty, enlisted Guardians will earn credits toward Electronic Systems Technology or Information Systems Technology associate’s degrees through the Community College of the Air Force.
weeks of Basic Military Training
months at Keesler AFB, MS based on speciality.