Officer and the armed forces working side by side to keep the nation secure.

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Shape the future of defense

Our Guardians are dedicated to constantly improving and reaching new heights.

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We foster a diverse and collaborative environment to solve our modern world's most complex tasks.

We need people who want to solve the hard problems of space.

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Basic Military Training

Enlisted Guardians attend the same Basic Military Training as enlisted Airmen with the addition of Space Force–specific curriculum. This includes physical training and testing and 21 hours of instruction covering emotional intelligence, Space Force Structure and senior-leader briefings about military doctrine.

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Officer Training School

Guardians with a college degree can start their career in Officer Training School. Here they'll learn our core values and skills needed to lead fellow Guardians in carrying out our mission.


Career Opportunities

The Space Force now offers dozens of civilian roles in the fields of science, aerospace and engineering. All come with intensive hands-on training, continued education and constant opportunities for growth.

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Educational Programs

We offer educational programs to prepare recent college graduates for a career in the Space Force. Each comes with available tuition assistance, and once successfully completed, allow students to go into a full-time position in the Space Force directly as an officer.


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Apply through our Air Force Civilian Service site, and upon review, a Space Force Civilian Recruiter will reach out to you when we find a match to your experience and expertise.

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You’ll be invited for a virtual interview where you’ll answer questions regarding your interests and qualifications.
Once selected, you’ll be onboarded based on your qualifications and desired position.
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A day in the life of those who protect everyday life.

Guardians defend our country and freedom to operate in space—keeping it secure and accessible for military space power and new waves of innovation. Explore their day-to-day lives and what goes into operating the world’s most-advanced space power.

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